Time to relax ….


decor еlements:

junk. hunt skybox. @ Fameshed – october 2014

junk. repurposed wagon light.

7 – Time Card Shelf 

TA Code Projector

[Fetch] Lyla Bottles

[Fetch] Lyla Ashtray

.:revival:. backyard bar @ Fameshed

.:revival:. beer crate 4 @ Fameshed 

.:revival:. fire log basket @ The Men’s Department – November 2014

.:revival:. arrow light @ Fameshed

.:revival:. bar stool @ Fameshed

.:revival:. bar light @ Fameshed 

.:revival:. wood stove  @ The Men’s Department – November 2014

.:revival:. oh deer @ The Men’s Department – November 2014

oyasumi / folding chair

oyasumi / folding table

oyasumi / pepper grinder

oyasumi / breakfast plate

[NikotiN] Ashtray City 

[NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (01)

+CONVAIR+ Pipe Chandelier #1 long


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